What You Need to Know About Becoming a Fitness Model

December 26, 2016

Working hard to break your way into the female fitness model industry is not that much different from trying to make it as a fashion model. There are subtle differences however so it’s important to prepare yourself properly. You will need to work hard and be extremely dedicated to make it as a fitness model but the work is extremely fun and exciting!

First and foremost, you will need to get in the best shape you can when trying to become a fitness model Starting your own exercise program is a great start but for truly professional results, look up a personal trainer that can tell you exactly what you will need to work on and what you will need to show off your assets in fitness model photos. You will specifically want to work on becoming toned and slim and while you will want some muscle definition, avoid overdoing it. Fitness models and female fitness models in particular, still need to add some prettiness and sweetness to their look.

The next professional you will want to hire in your quest to becoming a fit model is a professional photographer who specializes in fitness photography. These photographers will take many photos, focusing on the theme of sports and fitness although they will also take shots including glamour and swimwear shots. Arizona Fitness Photographers are highly experienced with putting together portfolios and owning one is an important part of becoming part of the fitness model industry.

You will need this portfolio when you begin calling around to agents, which is your next step. Look around at fitness modeling agencies in your area and ask if they are taking on new clients. They will ask you for your portfolio and how much experience you have had. They will also ask you to come to the office so they may meet you face to face. When you go to that meeting, it’s important that you bring along your portfolio. If they like your portfolio, they will most likely decide to do a test shot so they can see how you work with their product and staff.

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